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Learning another language may help the aging brain

CBS Today Healthwatch

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Some Americans live significantly longer as opposed to normal lifetime of 78-and-a-half decades. "60Minutes" reporter Lesley Stahl accounts on fresh res...

Of the contributors, 262 could actually talk at the very least two languages, with 195 of these understanding an additional dialect before age 18, along with the relaxation next era.

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The results of bilingualism were observed whether folks realized new languages once they were youngsters or people, the analysts mentioned inside the record revealed online July 2 within the log Annals of Neurology.

The results give "a significant first-step in http://phrhs.com knowledge the effect of understanding another dialect along with the aging head," Dr. Alvaro Pascual-Leone, an associate manager for Annals of Neurology plus a teacher of medication at Harvard Medical Faculty, published within an associated criticism.

Chatting several languages helps shield your mind while you era, even though you study new languages being an person, fresh study implies.


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